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Audit & Assurance Services

Audit & Assurance Services - Details

Statutory Audit

According to the Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong, annual financial statements of a limited company with incorporation in Hong Kong is required to be audited by a qualified accountant with a practicing certificate issued by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA).

We have experience in handling different business audits from service industries of manufacturing to trading. We will provide you with statutory audit financial statements including balance sheets, income statements and profit & loss statements.

Non-Statutory Audit and Review services

Each client has their unique requirements and situations, but we can arrange distinctive audit services accordingly:

  1. Internal operation and Internal control review

  2. Evaluating strengths and areas of improvements of the company's internal operation, control system and stock-taking system

  3. Identification of hidden problems of the company, inefficiently performing assets and systems

  4. Sales of business valuation and revaluation of assets value (such as property revaluation)

  5. Fraud investigation

  6. Due diligence report for mergers & acquisitions

What documents will be present in an audit?

  • All financial statements/management accounts

    • Income statement​

    • Balance sheet

    • General Ledger of all business transactions

  • All sales invoices/consulting service invoices/contracts

  • All purchases invoice/subcontractor's invoices

  • All expense receipts

  • all bank statements

  • All merchant account statement

  • All other relevant accounting documents

The process of auditing

  • Preparation of financial statements and supporting documents

  • The auditor reviews all of these documents by obtaining an understanding of the activities of the specific company

  • Auditors then evaluate any uncertainties or errors that could affect the accuracy of the company's financial statements

  • Auditors then make an auditor's report from their audit and opinion on the financial statements

  • The audit reports produced by the auditor will then be sent to the company's director for signing purposes and sent back to the auditor

  • The auditor will then fill out the tax computation form and submit all the documents with the completed Profit Tax Return to the government

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