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Accounting and Financial Reporting

Accounting and Financial Reporting - Details

What documents do we require from you?

  • Documents for Master File (for new clients)

    • Incorporation document for Business entity​

    • Opening Trial Balance

    • Income tax return of the last year

    • Electronic Bookkeeping files

  • Sales

    • Invoices issued to clients/customers​

    • Details of advance payments received from client/customer

  • Payroll

    • Payroll details of employees​

    • Details of salary paid and calculation

  • Cash & Bank

    • Cash receipts​

    • Cash payment book

    • Bank Statements

    • Credit Card Statements

    • Cheque Stubs

    • Invoices received for expenses incurred

    • Invoices for the payments of fixed assets

    • Receipt of payment of taxes

  • Inventory

    • List of inventory items involved in the business​

  • Other relevant transactions

    • Major events that occurred this year​

    • Payments to shareholders/directors

    • Loan statements for any loans taken from banks

    • Details of withholding taxes paid (if any)

    • Returns filed with tax authorities

    • Any correspondence with government authorities

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