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Hong Kong Company Incorporation

When doing business in Hong Kong, it is generally natural to incorporate your business when planning on continuing to carry on your business. 

Basic Requirements for a Hong Kong company formation:

  • Minimum of 1 shareholder (aged 18 or above)

  • Minimum of 1 director (aged 18 or above and can be the same person as the shareholder)

  • Corporate shareholder or director is allowed

  • Minimum share capital for being issued is HK$1

  • A company secretary (must be a Hong Kong resident)

  • A business registered address for their registered office in Hong Kong

Incorporation Steps and Package (Hong Kong):

  1. Company name search

  2. Certification of Incorporation (CI)

  3. Business Registration (BR)

  4. 8 Sets of Articles of Association

  5. Government fee to be paid of HK$1,970 to the HK government

  6. Approximately takes 10 days

Basic Requirements for an overseas company formation:

  1. Depending on which country

  2. Contact our 'overseas companies' handling affiliate by clicking on the "Company Based Overseas" button below to know more about the details of incorporation in your country

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